I'm a dealer and need more brand presence to drive qualified customers to my store. Will this help?

  • Yes. Retail Marketing Interface connects dealers to manufacturer-approved manufacturer-produced national ads that your store can participate in. So when you participate in the Co-op Program, your store and location are “tagged” onto the creative, via the last few seconds of a TV or digital radio commercial, or as part of an internet display banner ad. This program will get your location(s) more targeted impressions per dollar than “going it alone.”

How does this compare to other forms of advertising for my store like Money Mailer, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.?

  • You can still, and should, do your own local advertising options that have worked for you in the past. This program lets your store tag onto national-quality ads that raise your brand presence to the next level by telling consumers where to get the national manufacturer's goods, and by being endorsed by the national manufacturer. The media options chosen for this program were hand-picked by a leading agency - Revolution Media - with extensive experience advertising for local and national brands to simplify the complex media options. Therefore, it's easy for you to use, cutting edge and covers all devices.

Do I need to be an expert in producing TV commercials?

  • Nope. Retail Marketing Interface and the national manufacturer partners will handle everything for you.

Do I need to pay for someone to produce a TV commercial?

  • Nope. There are no extra costs for TV production. Retail Marketing Interface connects your company with manufacturer-produced, manufacturer-approved, TV commercials and your logo and location(s) will be added to the end of the manufacturer's spot as part of your participation.

How do I know which media to buy?

  • The national manufacturer brand has engaged a top media strategy and media buying company – Revolution Media in Los Angeles – to do all of the media planning and media buying for you. Collectively, we have done the research to target the right customers. We’ve taken the tedious legwork out of researching households, income, demographics, and arranged them conveniently so all you have to do is decide what ZIP codes you want to advertise in and focus on and we will handle the rest.

I’m really busy. How much time and effort does this take?

  • Just use the Retail Marketing Interface, pick your ZIP codes and your media types preferred and you’re basically done.

Do I still have to get everything pre-approved for Co-op reimbursement?

  • Nope. This program is pre-approved for Co-op reimbursment. Our media buying partner – Revoluton Media – is also a pre-approved vendor. So there is no need to spend extra time with pre-approvals.

But I still have to submit everything on the backend to get my product credit reimbursement, right?

  • Actually, the Retail Marketing Interface will be automatically submitting all applicable paperwork on your behalf at the end of each month. You can log in to the Retail Marketing Interface and see the progress but everything else will be handled on your behalf.

How do I know that advertising is working?

  • You’ll get more phone calls and foot traffic. After the media quarter is over, we will also send a media report to you so you can see how each media channel performed.