A Turnkey Software for Franchisors to Maximize Local Franchisee Advertising

Retail Marketing Interface was created by Revolution Media, a media buying agency. The agency has over 15 years of experience working with national and local clients, maximizing their advertising budgets, building brand awareness and driving foot traffic with qualified customers, all while delivering the most value for every dollar.

By Marketers, For Marketers

Based on the knowledge generated by Revolution Media’s vast experience working with national brands – as well as their respective local franchisees/dealers/retailers – Retail Marketing Interface was created to solve the complexities of hyper-local advertising challenges.

Local store fronts are challenged with creating and executing a local, ZIP code based marketing program…not an easy task. A comprehensive, smart, affordable localized solution was needed.

Retail Marketing Interface is a User-Friendly Software that Enables the Franchisor to Help Streamline the Advertising Process on a Franchisee-by-Franchisee Basis

  • Simplifies the communication with Franchisees for better advertising compliance and participation
  • Gives the Franchisor better control over the Franchisee media buying strategy and creative execution
  • Provides a complete turnkey solution that automates the media buying process at a hyper-local level
  • Enables your Franchisee’s advertising to complement the master brands marketing and advertising
  • Streamlines Franchisee pre-approvals, reviews, tracking and billing

For the Franchisor, the Retail Marketing Interface Tool is Easy

Strategy – With detail on your over-arching national or regional media plan, we will help you design and implement the preferred hyper-local overlay plan for your Franchisees. Even with multiple franchisees in a market, plans can be honed down to the ZIP code level.

Creative – Review existing creative elements to ensure local location tagability. Execute all Franchisee-specific customizations and trafficking to stations.

Implementation – Media buying pre-approvals, execution, stewardship and optimization are all handled to streamline the process with each media type for every individual Franchisee.

Compliance – All campaign details are set up to your specifications such as budget guidelines, billing, reimbursements and proof-of-performance.

Reporting – Franchisor summary reports and Franchisee dashboards provide updated status and results of all respective campaigns that can be customized as needed.

The Best Benefit of the Retail Marketing Interface…


Revolution Media will set-up and design your customized, skinned version of the Retail Marketing Interface at no cost to the Franchisor. Our fees are generated when media is purchased by your Franchisees similar to a typical agency/client relationship. We are incentivized to make this an effective, turnkey solution that is communicated to your Franchisee network as the company-approved and preferred system to place localized media.

Retail Marketing Interface...

  • Is customized for your brand based on your marketing needs
  • Provides your Franchisee network with approved, customizable creative elements so the Franchisor can control the messaging
  • Relays your strategy to your Franchisees for the following media types:

We can include other media types as needed

Built-in research zip-specific areas where to advertise.
Pre-loaded media options let’s Franchisee pick location-specific marketing options…
Media details included to make the right decision.
Real time dashboard results for Paid Search, Local Business Listings and SEO built in.

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About Revolution Media

Revolution Media is a strategic media agency that helps clients of all sizes increase brand visibility and sales across all media channels and across the country. Since we opened our doors in Los Angeles in January, 2001, Revolution Media has been a trusted partner for clients across many categories including Retail, Franchise, QSR/Restaurants, Auto, Entertainment/Events, Sports, Health Services and Financial Services.
We’re marketing problem solvers
Beyond simply buying media, our experienced team creates smart media plans, integrating marketing strategy, media planning, media buying and advertising analytics to make sure our client's message connects and converts.
We’re on the client’s side
Because we’ve been clients ourselves, we know what is needed in a true marketing partner. As an extension of your team, we’re always looking for new ways to strengthen the strategy and make the most of every dollar – the precise reason we created Retail Marketing Interface.

Best of Class Partners

Revolution Media via Retail Marketing Interface, has key strategic partnerships for top-of-class execution of local marketing programs.

Pandora - Hyper-Local Marketing Partner
Revolution Media works with Pandora as they lead the industry in serving the right ads to the right audience at the ZIP code level.

Google Premiere Partner – Native Rank
Partner agency Native Rank, in Denver, is one of a handful of agencies deemed worthy of being named a Google Premiere Partner. Native Rank works with Revolution Media to deliver Paid Search and SEO services through the Retail Marketing Interface.

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