Do: Select the right ZIP codes to impact

  • Who are your best customers? When selecting a new media plan, it’s typically most successful by targeting similar profiles as your best customers.
  • You can select your specific ZIP code and/or other ZIP codes. Consider mining for additional clients in your strongest areas first. Then add additional ZIP codes based on where potential customer may be or in underserved areas.

Do: Prepare for additional inquiries

  • When your new media flights run, you will have more incoming traffic: phone calls, foot traffic, website visits, emails, Facebook posts, and more.
  • Make sure your current systems are ready to handle increased traffic. For instance, take several minutes to call your own phone and listen to the voice message. Send yourself an email through your website. Post a message on your Facebook page. Are you satisfied with the response you get from your brand? If not, your new customers probably won’t be either.
  • Take a moment to make sure you can handle the additional incoming traffic and make sure you are satisfied with the “first impression” your new customers will get.

Do: Start as soon as possible

  • Retail Marketing Interface’s Co-op Program allows independent dealers to benefit from national manufacturers’ reach, coverage and brand.
  • That means that the earlier you start, the earlier your brand can be in front of new customers.
  • If you delay your start, you may be allowing competitors to reach your customers before you have the chance to.


Don't Spend extra money on duplicate media

  • You won’t need to duplicate efforts. Tap into the national manufacturer's ad creative to make sure your brand/location piggybacks on the national manufacturer messaging and awareness being built by this campaign.

Don't Settle for your existing media channels

  • Doing the same activities will produce the same results. Retail Marketing Interface’s Co-op is a perfect complement to the existing media you are using that is working.

Don't Waste money on going-it-alone

  • It’s a big market. You now have an effective way to align your brand with manufacturers’ nationally-recognized brands. You can get farther reach, coverage and impact with Retail Marketing Interface’s Co-op Program.